Pre-departure Rush

Getting ready for any sort of trip is always a trial. Packing, getting affairs in order, letting people know where you’re going, stopping the newspaper, emptying the fridge, etc. There’s so much to do and sometimes it seems like there isn’t enough time to do it. I have a hard enough time deciding what I’m bringing in my purse to a family gathering, and sorting through my stuff to decide what went with me to college was a nightmare, but it’s been two years. I’ve gotten pretty good at consolidating. Here’s one of the biggest travel challenge ever:

Pack for a year. You’ve got three suitcases. ONLY three. Go.

. . . Okaaaay. Scary at all? Coming home from ASU this year had me leaving a lot of crap behind, either at friends’ houses or in the donation boxes stationed around Barrett. One suitcase alone would be devoted to clothes (I harbor no illusions in regards to my materialism. I love clothes.) and the other smaller two would have to fit my¬†necessities¬†for a year. Being a girl, you can imagine what sort of things I might need in the long haul, and how do you even begin to explain to a customs agent that you need THAT brand of tampons? It’s hard.

I also have to provide for some creature comforts that might not be available in Italy. You ever get those food cravings? Like, “I need a taco NOW” cravings? I doubt there’s going to be that 24/7 Taco Bell lurking just south of the Ponte Vecchio and shame on me for even seeking out something so American when I should be stuffing my face with canolis and penne pasta. What about Thanksgiving dinner? No cranberry sauce out in Florence unless you make it, and that’s definitely beyond my meagre cooking skills. I can’t imagine where I’d find a turkey, either. (No, I’m not bringing a turkey. That’s dumb.)

So, I’ve got three suitcases to fill with all the essentials of my life. Where do I even start?