First Class Experiences

As of today, I’ve officially been to all five of my classes. My schedule’s not too bad save for the fact that I start every day at 9:30AM, which is a nightmare. I always schedule my time back at ASU so that I get up for my first class some time around 11:30. This is something of a change. I’m up at 7:30 every morning just to make sure I have some mirror space, since we only have one useable mirror when the bathrooms are occupied. It’s a hard life here in Florence.

So. Classes. On Mondays I have Italian I, History and Culture of Food, and Fresco. It’s a long day, as Fresco is a studio class that has us working with materials for three hours straight, but luckily I have a break in between Food and Fresco, which lets me get some food before looking at frescos! Thankfully, I stumbled upon a little forno shoved in the wall that sells calzoni nearly a foot long for only €2, and they’re good. I only wish they had one with tomato sauce and mozzarella on the inside. Prosciutto and mozzarella is nice, but I keep remembering one calzone I had in Venice and it was damn good . . .

Anyway, Italian’s going well. Spanish helps a lot in regards to speaking, but I’ve heard the grammar can mess people up that follow Spanish too closely. We’ll see how that works out. My professor is very Italian, hand gestures, bright pants, and scruffy facial hair included. He’s very loud, though. VERY loud. My ears are ringing when I go to History of Food in ITALY which is taught by a GERMAN man with a Ph.D in nuclear history. Yeah, read that again. It’s still true. I did a “huh?” the first time I heard that, too. He was very thorough in explaining the ideals of the class, and my parents will tell you that the activities I get to do are worth a ticket out here just for a week of following me around class. Chocolate tasting in the Market anyone? That’s right. Chocolate tasting. Oh, there’s a 10 page paper, too, but that’s hardly anything to an English major. That’s a short paper for me, actually. I think a few kids might drop because of it, though. Not everyone’s majors require a lot of writing. I’ll probably be the only one to enjoy it. The paper topic is anything to do with food.

Suggestions?? Leave me a comment.

Fresco should be an interesting class, considering only four of us are taking it. Should be a very intimate setting, I should think. Our professor, Titziano, seems to think we’re like puppies because as soon as we sat down, he whipped out a box of cookies, saying they were for good behavior in advance. I’ll be a damn good puppy if he keeps bringing those cookies. The class content (the important stuff) has us mixing our own colors from scratch and essentially doing a review of the entire history of painting. Like, we’ll be making tempura or acrylic paint from scratch (with EGGS and stuff) and using the techniques to paint with them like the old age masters used. Gotta say, it was a call back to when I wanted to be an artist in sixth grade. This should be a fun class.

Today I had my first Photography and Dante’s Literature classes. My Dante professor is appropriately brilliant with multiple Masters and Ph.Ds from all over the world. He cuts a very distinguished Italian figure with his salt-and-pepper hair and smart vest, though he kind of ruined it by gushing over ACDC for a portion of the class. How it related to Dante I’m still not sure, but I’ll let you know when I figure it out. He did mention ending classes with gregorian chant music, so that should be fun. Photography sounds like a great class, too. My professor is from Alicante. ALICANTE!!! Family, how crazy is that? My prof. is from our summer home town. That was a crazy random happenstance. We shoot photos in the field on Tuesdays and do computer work/theory on Thursdays, so I’m switching from my side bag to my backpack because I just have too much crap to haul around now. Never knew I would be so weighed down with texts! Ah well. Should be fun anyway.

Now that a routine is finally getting off the ground, I think everything should fall shortly into place. I think some of the girls are starting to really miss home. They might not show it sometimes, but other times I’ve come across tears. It’s very strange to see that. I don’t think I’ve ever been so homesick before. I’ve just gotten used to being around so many different places now that “home” isn’t necessarily a place but a feeling. Upsides and downsides to that mode of thinking, I guess. We’ll see how everyone shapes up after the so-called “honeymoon phase.”


2 thoughts on “First Class Experiences

  1. What a great day!! I can’t wait to have you show me (when I’m there in April) some of the special “foodie” places you learn about in class. Your first day sounds like it was an amazing preview of all the great experiences that are coming your way this year. Writing a 10 page paper on food while living in one of the most food centric countries in the world should be down right enjoyable!

  2. “home” isn’t necessarily a place but a feeling. What a great line. Definitely the mantra for your generation I think, given how you are always on the move.

    Fresco class… and food … what a sweet deal… it really doesn’t get better. Enjoy.

    After 35+ years of getting up at 6:30 to go to work, hearing you grouse about 7:30 or 9:30am seems comical. Do your stay up late generally?

    Have a wonderful time. Your writing definitely is a strength…

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