Some Favorite Photos (thus far)

As you know, I’m currently enrolled in an introductory photography course, partly to learn how to use this ridiculously multi-faceted camera of mine and partly to just enjoy myself. Now that it’s been almost a month here in Florence, I thought it’d be nice to show you a few of my favorite photos that I’ve taken since being here, though I’ll include a few from when my parents were with me, too. Can never have too many photos!

San Lorenzo Market Stand: Venetian Masks

Papparadelle with Wild Boar at ZaZa's


Bellini, Beinget, aperitifs

Duomo at night

Roasted Nuts at the Rificolona Festival

Grapes on the vine


Milan and I

Brave Pigeons in Milan

Cathedral of Milan Center

Offering Candles with oil painting of Madonna and Child