Eurochocolate International Chocolate Festival

I’m pretty sure that I’ve never seen so much chocolate in one place in my entire life. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory come to life, I kid you not. There’s really no way to explain this sort of thing so I’m putting a montage of photos down at the bottom. The Chocofest (shorten that title up) is currently taking place in Perugia, the home of the Baci candy factory (though we didn’t visit), and two days ago about 28 of us students took a bus out there to eat ourselves sick. Mission successful. I never want to see another chocolate bar again.

Among the many chocolate stands and chocolate liquor samples and CHOCOLATE KEBABS, merchandise stands were thrown up as well, and I bought myself a chocolate-bar iPod, iPad, and MacBook Pro case, just because they looked awesome. No, they aren’t made of chocolate. They look like chocolate though and have iChoc written on them. So cool. I definitely had a great time, and if I didn’t have my papers to write, I’d probably be there again today. I know I said I never want to see another chocolate bar, but . . . please. It’s the Chocolate Festival.

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2 thoughts on “Eurochocolate International Chocolate Festival

  1. Those photos are mouthwatering! You take excellent photos! I shall enjoy reading this blog in my free moments 🙂
    Helen (Salinas, CA)

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