Follow Up: Photography Final

This might’ve been a long time in coming, but here we are! My photography final went very well and I thought you’d like to see the product. I’m only posting 5/8 photos here, though, since content of the last three might bother some people. Let me know if I should put them up anyway. It’s for your personal sensibilities that I don’t.

My theme was the “Sexy Paradox,” in the attractiveness has such a desperately wide spectrum that in one group of people, both extremes can be considered highly unattractive. That is, sexiness is entirely subjective. I know, not the most original topic, but I had a great time shooting and editing the photos with a bit of help from Daniel on some of them. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Follow Up: Photography Final

  1. I’d really like to see the three that you’re not posting. I am especially fond of the black and white, i think because it appears as more of a “candid” shot and i’m especially attracted to those. The graffiti wall is genius on the first pose..i like that. The sexiness of the “bend” is light in nature and sort of whimsical…I could see something like that in a magazine. Overall, good job Nikki!!

    • Thanks very much! I’ll post the other three once I get back from Venice (spending New Year’s Eve there!). My friend did a great job of coaxing the response out of me, but hell if I remember what he said to make me laugh like that!!!

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