New Digs

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time!

I meant to write this post weeks ago, just as a sort of update about what’s going on, but it’ll be short so hang tight. I’m back in Florence! This time, though, I’m working, so maybe not so many shenanigans as last time, but there will still be shenanigans. Mark me there.

However, since I’ve graduated and am now a working woman, I feel that this blog is somewhat behind the times. In collaboration with two fellow grads, we’ve started up a new one about our working, studying, and real-world experiences entitled “The Unfortunate Wallet.” Since we’re all ridiculously broke at the moment, we found the title appropriate. Nevertheless, I thought that if you were still interested in knowing what I’m up to, even though this has been a year-long hiatus, I’d provide the URL so you can sign up to follow our adventures in Italy, Japan, and New York. Thanks so much for your support two years ago and I hope to see your subscription pings soon! ;D